Traditional SIM cards do not have the performance of high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, chemical resistance and shock resistance; therefore, there are some deficiencies in the adaptability of size and harsh environments in M2M applications.

Eastcompeace M2M card meets the requirements of operator consumer grade, industrial grade, and automotive standard grade and certification tests, featuring stable operation, shock resistance, humidity resistance and corrosion resistance. And it can reach the corresponding levels both in write/erase cycleand data retentiontime. Eastcopmeace can provide customized M2M cards for any standard or ?private network services with their M2M industry applications.?

Electric-Power industry
M2M is widely used in the electric-power industry, mainly in the monitoring of operating status of the equipment, data, mechanism, and remote meter reading.?

The transportation is an important field for the application of M2M technology. At present, common applications include vehicle management monitoring and traffic monitoring.?

Other fields
M2M technology has a wide range of applications, including environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, pH and so on), video data transmitting and alarm real-time transmitting?

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