Eastcompeace, is a world leading provider of digital security products and integrated solutions. Established in 1998, it focuses on corporate social responsibility management and has sets up a completed social responsibility management system. It forms the concept of social responsibility to provide guarantee for the promotion of the company sustainable development in aspects of development, safety, environmental protection, business ethics, sustainable procurement and others.
Protection, business ethics, sustainable procurement and other aspects have established the concept of social responsibility to provide guarantee for the company's sustainable development.?

Health and Safety?

Eastcompeace puts the health and safety of employees in the first place, adheres to the principle of prevention, complies in the requirements of laws and regulations, and continuously improves the working environment. It has formed a health and safety management system, and was approved by the OHSAS18001, and formulated compliance with health and safety management regulations.?

Health and Safety?

The company forms a complete supplier management system, and has a strict and complete management policy regarding the materials and the services. The company will conduct specialized training on social and environmental issues in the supply chain for procurement personnel, incorporate environmental and social requirements into the contract and treaty, and conduct regular reviews of environmental and social issues.?


The company has established a strict management system for energy consumption, waste discharge, usage and storage of water, chemical waste for the health and safety of employees working environment. The products do not use restricted substances and comply with the requirements of laws and regulations. The company has passed the ISO14001 standard to establish an environmental management system and formulate corresponding environmental management rules.?

Labor and Human Rights?

The company is human-oriented, respects the rights and interests of employees, respects human rights. We make a good job management of employees, do not discriminate against employees, do not force labor, do not corporal punishment and abuse employees, respect freedom of association under the law, do not use child labor. The working hours, wages and benefits of employees are under Legal requirements with a healthy and safe working environment.?

Business Ethics?

The company upholds the principles of clean operation, no illegitimate interests, and information disclosure. It is committed to protecting intellectual property rights and achieving fair transactions. At meanwhile, it actively participates in public welfare undertakings and opposes illegitimate interests and unfair business competition.?